Engineering Formula Processor (EFP)

The purpose of the EFP option is to provide the Finglow user with the ability to add manual calculations to the System output.

Finglow recognises that it is not practical to write computer programs for all the possible combinations of engineering calculations to cover such diverse areas as bearing stress checks in lifting lug calculations, centre of gravity calculations, PD 5500 Annex M calculations etc.  Since each client has differing requirements for each project, Finglow has provided an additional module to permit Users to add their own calculations to System outputs.

The EFP option is extremely easy to use. Calculation sheets can be created and used repetitively. These sheets can be created by the User or supplied by Finglow.

The benefits of using the EFP option versus manual methods include:

  • Speed
    Manual calculations that may take hours to perform and check take minutes to complete.
  • Accuracy
    With complex calculations it is very easy for errors to creep into the calculation which cost time to correct (if found).
  • Repeatability
    It is rare with modern pressure vessel design calculations for there not be a change made through the life of the calculation. With the EFP option these changes can be simply made and recalculation performed.
  • Hardcopy
    The EFP option automatically provides a neat printed output that is included into the standard Sytem Output.