Report Formatter

This utility program automates the collation and print out of formatted sets of calculations. Facilities are included for reviewing the list of calculations to be printed, changing the description of a calculation, deleting individual calculations and changing the order in which the calculations will be printed. The user may also change the language of the printed output.

The output includes a title page, an index, a revision history and explanatory notes.

  • The title page contains the item number or description, the client's name, the plant and unit descriptions, document number, issue number or letter and issue description, the date when the calculations were printed, and spaces for the calculations to be signed off as checked and approved.
  • Each calculation page is numbered and includes the item number or description, the client's name, the document number or letter, the calculation description, the operator's initials, the date when each calculation was performed and the program name and version number.
  • Optional explanatory notes may be printed. These contain detailed references to the relevant sections and clauses in the design code or standard and a description of all the Warning and Advisory messages.