Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to buy the complete system?

No. You may buy any combination of design codes and engineering modules. Additional modules may be added at any future stage as and when you require.

What happens if we need technical support outside of office hours?

Technical support is available by e-mail 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. UK office: US office:

Do I have to purchase the software?

No. There are various rental options available from daily to 12 monthly.

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Networks & Operating Systems

Is Finglow compatible with Windows server 2008 64 bit OS?


Does Finglow support terminal services on Windows server 2003.


Does Finglow run on a Citrix server


Which versions of Windows are supported?

Windows 7, 8 & 10

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How much RAM and hard disk space does the software require?

The software requires 16Mbytes of RAM and 50 Mbytes of disk space after Windows has been installed.

Lock file damaged. Fix?

The network file protection is missing. Click OK to recreate the files.

Lock file busy: Code n

The network file protection is in use. Click OK to continue.

I am trying to install the software and the following message appears Company name incorrect.

The software is uniquely configured for each individual user. The company name entered at the installation stage must be exactly as it appears on the configuration document supplied.

I want to upgrade my system with some additional modules. Do I have to completely reinstall the software?

No. Simply enter the revised configuration codes supplied. These will allow access to the additional modules.

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The software button appears on the taskbar, but the software itself is not visible.

Make sure that the software is shut down, then go to the folder C:\TEMP and delete the files fin2d.ini and fin3d.ini.

How can I find out what changes have been made from the previous version?

Each version of the software includes a comprehensive list of the code amendments, enhancements and any other changes included. These can be found under QA -> Certified List of Amendments

When I try to print files I get the message "Check Page 0 - Page length exceeded" and a blank page.

The print margins have not been set up. Got to Format Design Report and select Print Setup.

Whenever I attempt to read a data file saved in an earlier version, the software reports the message Different program version - Check data. Have I lost my data?

This message is advisory only. Selecting Edit data will show that the data file has been read. Since the design codes are constantly changing and we are always enhancing the software, it is often the case that additional checks are added to the software and it may be that additional input is required (for example yield strength). Hence the message is to advise the user to check the data for new input requirements.

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Can your vessel / heat exchanger software perform tubesheet calculations per Part UHX of ASME Section VIII Division 1, latest edition?


PD5500 local load calculations include an option for the "ECCS" method. Can you please advise what the ECCS method is and how it functions.

It is permitted to use either A. Limits based upon 3.6 or A. Alternative limits based upon ECCS rules to calculate the permissible longitudinal compressive stress. If the ECCS method option is set to Yes then the limits are calculated as per PD5500 A. using a value of w/l of less than 0.01. If it is set to No, they are calculated from Figure A.2.

External Loads on Horizontal Vessels: how do I calculate the effects of wind loads on my vessel?

To consider wind loads on horizontal vessels two approaches are possible: 1.The wind shear can be considered as an equivalent acceleration, where acc = Shear/Weight 2.For simple vessels, the wind shear can be input as a single concentrated load acting at the centre of the vessel.

Nozzles & Openings to PD5500: the available nozzle thickness eab is less than the required thickness erb, but Finglow output states that it is an acceptable calculation?

In cases where the reinforcement limit Lb extends beyond the projection of the nozzle, the distribution of the reinforcement will be modified to concentrate the material close to the opening in accordance with - see also Figures 3.5-29 and 3.5-30. The areas of fillet welds will be included where relevant.

Would you please clarify in what cases should we input "Yes" in "Pressure Load" field of this module.

Normally, tabulated nozzle loads or loads from a piping analysis include the pressure thrust on a nozzle, if this is the case, the option Pressure Load should be set to No. If it is required to add the pressure load of a 'blanked' nozzle to the radial load input set this option to Yes.

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